A level backyard lends itself to a courtyard effect and multiple outdoor rooms.

Red Pygmy Dogwood – a dwarf, slow growing tree that is 3 ft after 5 years, maturing to 7 ft tall with a 5 ft spread. Produces profuse red flowers even on small trees. Leaves turn shades of orange in fall. Maybe for terraced bed under formal living room.

Astilbes are one of the top shade perennials for a colorful display under trees or in shady spots in the border. These neat perennial plants make lovely foliage, and in late spring, send up plume-like flowers in a host of rich glowing colors. Perennial astilbes come in various heights, so plant several levels for a multicolor perennial display. Along with hostas, astilbes create permanent beds around trees, or in any other moist spot. Comes in lots of colors

hanging basket from a tree…the largest hanging baskets I have had were the ones that I hung from a tree in the garden. It is an unexpected pop of color, and they grow so amazing under the trees and where the sprinkler can hit them for consistent growth

You would like to grow plants and flowers in your yard, but some of the beds are located under pine trees. Not only do these evergreens provide continual shade, the pine needles they drop increases the acidity of the soil. Rather than try to rake up and discard the needles, grow plants that benefit from growing underneath pine trees.