Blue Angel Perennial Salvia Butterflies and hummingbirds find Blue Angel very enticing, and once you see how beautifully this shade of blue complements all your red, yellow, orange, and white blooms, you will too. A large planting of Blue Angel is absolutely breathtaking, but you might also like to mix it in among annuals of all colors, simply for the beautiful blue accents Plant height 24 inches with a width of 8-12 inches.

Color your summer scenes with candy cane shades of red and white. This combination features red sun-tolerant impatiens (sold as SunPatiens) accented with white million bells (calibrachoa). It’s a sun-loving duet that looks good as temperatures soar. Tuck in a blue scaevola for a patriotic pot. Recipe for 10-inch pot (1 each in 4-inch pots): Red SunPatiens and white Calipetite calibrachoa.