Looking for an easy way to dress up your porch? Try a hanging basket! We’ve got 10 plants for beautiful hanging baskets- westerngardens.com/

White Wax Begonias Wax begonias are tender perennials in Zones 8-11 but I grow them as a flower suitable for edging beds in light shade. It has waxy leaves and produces clusters of single or double white flowers. Wax begonias bloom non-stop throughout the entire season until first frost. It looks great with another annual, Purple Angelonia, as I planted here.

Fragrant Carpet Phlox Garden These brightly hued plants spread rapidly and thoroughly across your garden space, providing colorful flower coverage with plenty of ease and little attention necessary – Grows to approx. 2 to 6 H – Perennial – Bloom time: mid- to late spring – Full sun to partial shade – Hardy in zones 3 to 9